坦克世界11月10日QA 构建苏系坦克树变得简单

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  首先,The Armored Patrol网站发了一篇内部线人爆料,不过可信度未知,而且这货的英语实在是惨不忍睹,有些内容已经不是翻译而是脑补了

  -Japanese Heavies are doing well statistically, interestingly enough, and while not by general rule, experienced players seems to play more this tanks than the average


  -Patch 10.0 was canceled to “avoid a bullet” like a previous infamous patch (i think it was 9.1?). However, decals giving % tank mastery boost will come in a different way (just like vents/consumable)


  -Japanese Tds will come first before any arty, and even so they re not really priority



  -There will be special ships that may represent a nation without having a branch/tree


  -WG doesnt trust 100% his Chinese sources for tanks/ships, but they cant back down, for starters, china holds a large income and players there play chinese branches a lot, not to mention that the sources they are getting are “by all means official” wg cannot deny an official government claim for legitimacy, so if they say they built a tank powered by the power of love, “it must hold true”.

  WG并不百分百信任他们的中国坦克/战舰的信息来源,但他们不想放弃。首先,在中国有巨额收入,玩家对C系的热情很高。更 别提他这些资料是通道“官方渠道”拿来的,WG不能否认官方资料的正确性。所以如果(资料)说”这坦克是靠信仰来驱动的“,WG也只好捏着鼻子认了。

  -However, that doesnt mean things will get implemented, WG first confirms with extra sources, while the 59-Patton may be argueably innacurate, technically it could be done and of certain importance to some degree and is relevant in terms of technical progress, and the documentation presented to them was a serious effort to attempt it, thus convinced the board to make it.


  -likewise Its so “easy” to build Russian tech tanks because part of Russian culture is their predilection for building tanks and their role in their cultural past, so technical details overflow on every museum, save a few, you can say Russia is proud of its tanks to a degree, and this can make them get the specs they need and have less issues to build the trees, instead, WG has issues sometimes to work with western museums, save a few.

  构建苏系坦克树是如此“简单”,这是因为对坦克的迷恋已成为俄罗斯文化的一部分,再加上过去在他们文化中的地位,所以各博 物馆里能看到各种技术细节。总之,你可以说俄罗斯某种程度上以他们的坦克为荣。他们可以得到所需的技术参数,构建坦克线不会遇到什么问题。相反,WG在和 西方博物馆合作时,有时候会遇到麻烦。

  -To conceptualize this better, WG has roadblocks here and there at every turn when trying to get data from the Bundesarchiv, mostly due the nature if the representation of German war machines by the nazi regime, which Germany wants to forget at every cost, causing some issues in terms of historical accuracy (refer to the WTE-100, or the VK4502), and while they use artist recreations based on the descriptions and a few diagram parts, all this is necessary to fill the holes in tiering and gaps. Meanwhile, Russian sources will pretty much give as much info as legally possible, not to mention the vast amount of contributors in the community, thus making it way easier to materialize a project tank.

  说的更明白一些,WG每次去从德国联邦档案馆找数据时,都会遇到各种刁难,主要是由于这些有纳cui印记的德 国战争机器,德国人无论如何都想忘掉这些,这倒是在历史准确度上的一些问题(和百运、VK 45.02有关)。不过WG会基于文字描述和一些零件图纸,让艺术家进行再创作。这在填补整条线上的车辆缺口方面是有必要的。可以从俄罗斯的资料里尽可能 地找出正确的信息,更别提玩家社区里还有大量的贡献者。这些都使得再现项目坦克变得更加容易。

  -thanks to this contributions and some extras, a few changes will be made to the game as well, with the thanks of NA contributors


  -The t18 derpy TD will become an SPG, and an HMC will replace it as a TD

  T18喷子TD将被改成火炮,它原来的位置被T3 HMC取代。

  -Branch re-ordering for low tier American spg’s and tds


  -A way to replace the t28 td since its basically the t95 without the extra set of threads


  -American museums actually help a lot giving detailed info of their tanks, but WG has gotten a lot more help from… tank collectors, players and historians!


  -Notorious people who play/played WoT/WoWs, however it seems they got very low battle counts or representatives of their offices have requested press accounts to try it out:

  -Dmitry Medvedev

  -Vladimir Putin (just the thought of getting killed in a tank by putin is mind blowing to so many levels!)

  -Japan’s ex-Prime minister Junichiro Koizumi (possibly on wot blitz)

  -Possibly one of President Obama’s Daughters

  -John Romero

  -One person who apparently WG immediately reported to the authorities of a country, as it seems it was logged in a “hot zone” (ISIS?)

  -Andrzej Duda, President of Poland

  -Presidents and kings of various countries in Asia, Europe, Africa and Latin America